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Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a teacher by day and a maker by night. I am a mum of two young children, so finding time to make jewellery is more difficult than it used to be, but I'm sure I'll get back into it more soon.


Wrapt Jewellery started because I love jewellery and I wanted to find a way to use the excess of nail wraps I own. I have far too many to wear, so I thought why not combine the two? The business name was a play on using wraps - hence, 'Wrapt'. (So yes, the spelling mistake is deliberate!). Later I was inspired by others to make polymer clay earrings, which I am really enjoying.

Lately I have also been enjoying creating beautiful cards and gorgeous hair bows. These will continue to be added to the website as I get time to sit down and create.


If there's something you're after, please feel free to contact me and we can chat :)

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